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versatile graphic creation

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A successful graphic project needs an idea that works, a sharped eye and good skills to materialize it. With a knowledge of latest creative tools helping use in the process, let's bring those sparkling ideas to the world!


Adventurous in motion design, good drawing skills and daring to use 3D when needed, all this makes me able to animate frames in various and innovative ways. Post-production services like video editing or even product placement can be covered as well.


Having many years of experience in designing printed like newspaper, flyers, posters, brochures and magazines, I still don't show a lack of graphic ideas and aesthetic taste to fresh up a layout.


This website being another example, I can also handle the creation of a web project. More into programming nice looking things for the front-end, I won't hesitate to rally teammates when things are getting more involved.

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As graphic designer I started to work with a title specialized in layout. Along with a passion for illustration, the interest for graphic creation in a larger scope brought me to touch various digital tools, which are now used for the selection of works presented in the portfolio above.
Having a look at the "skill-tree" below can give you an idea of the related tools and software I am comfortable to work with.